A dream of 108 houses to go with Green School

IBUKU - February 16, 2016

Living in Green Village  is a unique opportunity to let your kids walk to school through the forest rather than commute 45 minutes or more each day. We are very committed to this dream of a green community right next to Green School. Come and be a part of it. There are houses available for sale and available for rent through the Green Village.


Children at Green Village by Rio Helmi

Green Village  stands for a community and a lifestyle for those who care about nature and appreciate its magnificence. Its real estate offerings are more than just unique properties; they are a promise of a sustainable future.

GV_Temple House photos by Isabella Ginanneschi

Set along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Bali, Green Village is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, hand-constructed by the Ibuku team. Each home is custom designed and rigorously engineered to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo. Located within walking distance from Green School, Green Village encompasses all of the architectural innovations, sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship of the world famous campus.

GV_Temple House photos by Isabella Ginanneschi (14)

A few of the Green Village homes are available for rent, but even more exciting, one of the homes is currently available to buy. The incredible Temple House is the fifth bespoke home at Green Village, designed for Sumant & Myriam Sharma and their three (at the time) daughters. Sumant was so excited by the design process that he went on to commission Sharma Springs across the river, both homes beautifully featured in each other’s view.

GV_Temple House photos by Isabella Ginanneschi (3)

Designed to nestle into the cliff above a slight bend in the Ayung River, Temple House is perched like an elegant bird. Two folded wings sweep down to envelop the grand entry staircase that leads up into the fourth floor of the home. The house is named for the dramatic basket statutes framing the entry like abstracted temple gates. The living room faces east with shady overhanging rooflines and skylights through which shafts of light pour in through the day. The house is open plan, with a spacious breezy feel and cozy built/in seating nooks.

GV_Temple House photos by Isabella Ginanneschi (6)

The kitchen curves along the back wall with stone counter tops and a dragon-egg natural boulder sink. In the level below a mezzanine play area leads to two kids’ bedrooms, one with a built in bunk-bed-for-three, and a cozy den/ study that opens out onto a rock garden. Continue down another elegant curving staircase to the master suite, all glossy black-bamboo and glassed-in for air conditioning, with high ceilings and the hum of the river sweeping past. The en-suite spacious bathroom with a rock shower tucked into the cliff face behind. Rock steps continue down under the stilts of the home to a bathtub in the garden, an oval plunge pool set beside a hexagonal gazebo tucked in the shade of the house.

GV_Temple House photos by Isabella Ginanneschi (12)

Every room of this extraordinary home directly overlooks the river from its tree-top perch, and is filled with the hum of water tumbling past.


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