Update on the E-Hub initiative funded by the Zayed Future Energy Prize

Green School - October 24, 2017

Green School’s Operation Rain or Shine, a quest to get the school off the grid, won a USD 100,000 grant with the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

The teacher leading the project, Noah Fesnoux, has been chronicling the process on their Instagram account and blog.

The heat is on and Operation Rain or Shine has hit the new school year running. Over the summer, a few people worked out some of the logistics to line up a highly immersive and interactive semester around the project. We are in 5th gear now, ready to build a structure to house our energy hub, and have students working on interfaces so that the information is readable and accessible to all on our campus. The future is bright, but the past is also pretty crazy… here are a couple stories about our summer experience through OROS.

Read more on the blog post.

The update was also featured on CleanTechnica blog.

Their goal:

OROS Goal for Green School


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