The first biodiesel pump station for public use in Indonesia

Green School, Our Green World - November 9, 2016

Incredibly excited to hear that the Green School Bio Bus team is launching its biodiesel public pump on campus!

The Green School Bio Bus is student-led initiative that collects spent cooking oil from Bali restaurants to power the school bus. They are taking a huge step forward this year by opening a public pump where anyone with a diesel engine can fill up with biodiesel!  On November 11 there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of possibly Indonesia’s first 100% Biodiesel (B100) Station. Built by one of the Green School parents, Rodney Parish, in cooperation with the Green School Bio Bus team and Lengis Hijau,  this 100% biodiesel pump station is even powered by solar.

Green School biodiesel pump station

Leeland Gentry, one of the Green School grade 12 students,  has been using his car to test the biodiesel for the last month. “The aim of setting up the pump is to make B100 available to the Green School community and eventually expand to people outside the community,” said Leeland.  He added that it has been an a good experience for his car and likened the 100% biodiesel to ‘medicine’ that clears out the built-up debris in the tank. If you make the switch to biodiesel, you will see the debris start to shake loose. “You have to change the fuel filter once a month when you start using it,” advises Leeland.

Green School has started a class for the high school students to learn about how to run the pump station. Hopefully the first station will run smoothly and soon become available to an even wider community!

PS Remember this talk from the TEDxUbud 2016 stage? Relive the Bio Bus story as told by Kyla and Maxwell.


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