The MS Poorima: carrying hopes for a sustainable future

Meet - December 30, 2021

MS Porrima is a Swiss Experimental Ship that runs solely on renewables: solar, wind, and hydrogen power. It started to sail around the world after departing from Osaka, Japan on December 18, 2021. Our friend Gunter Pauli is on the boat.

”The ship’s name is MS Porrima — the Roman Goddess of the Future and protector of pregnant women. We will create and witness a renaissance of a sustainable and healthy society where technology’s at the service of everyone including Nature,” wrote Gunter.




Gunter also talked about developing and using bubble net methods for fishing, based on how whales feed. Instead of putting down big nets, you put down hoses. The hoses pump out bubbles. It’s the way the dolphins hunt, creating a bubble net. The big fish go through it, but smaller fish go to the top. And you can scoop them out and sex them. At the moment we’re killing half of all the pregnant fish, so we need to sex them, pull out the ones we don’t want, and throw them over the side without killing them. So there’s no by-catch.

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