Watch: A Roadmap for Changemakers TED Talk

Green School, Watch - November 26, 2021

We had a feeling long ago in 2016 in London, when two young girls stood up and did a TED talk. And now the next level. We had little idea what was being unleashed on the world and what an incredible achievement it is. Because after all, they didn’t make this mess, but they’re going to have to clean it up sadly. Please watch this incredible talk by Melati Wijsen.

Activism is a tough job, especially for young people yearning for immediate change — something climate activist Melati Wijsen has learned over ten years of pushing for environmental protection, starting at age 12 in her home on the island of Bali, Indonesia. How can young changemakers acquire the skills they need and keep from burning out? Wijsen offers three pieces of advice for anybody seeking to make lasting, sustainable progress.

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