The bamboo craftsmen of China

See - January 3, 2017

When I went to China recently, I visited 4 craftsmen taking bamboo to new heights. The paper maker, the basket weaver, the flute maker and the umbrella artisan were so cool.

The Bamboo Paper Makers

Bamboo soaking in China

The bamboo being soaked for a month until they can pulp it.

Bamboo soaking before pulping

Huge stone used to grind the bamboo into fine powder

Bamboo paper mill

The paper maker goes to the water, picks up a thin layer of pulp on the screen. Then lays it down to dry as paper. Thin, thin paper.

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Bamboo paper drying

Bamboo paper maker from China

 Stack of bamboo paper

Bamboo paper from China


Brushes to smooth the pulp.

Bamboo paper making brush

Natural or bleached bamboo paper

Bamboo paper maker in China

The Bamboo Lamp Weaver

Bamboo lamp weaver

Bamboo lamp

The Bamboo Flute Carvers

Bamboo flutes from China


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The Bamboo Umbrella Makers

The umbrella factory was a curious thing. It’s in the house of people who own a huge bamboo property and they’re getting paid a fortune for that bamboo. They also make these 3 meter bamboo umbrellas. So cool. Bamboo bones and paper.

John with bamboo umbrella

Bamboo paper umbrella

Bamboo frame for umbrella

Bamboo umbrella in China Bamboo umbrella in China


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