The Sustainable Solutions Festival

Do, Green School - May 4, 2016

Sustainable Solutions at Green School is a music, arts and environmental festival aiming to connect, inspire and equip our community to live more sustainably NOW!


STUDENTS of all ages, get inspired to green your school physically & socially!

EDUCATORS learn and share about green projects to be done with students!

ORGANISATIONS & COMMUNITY GROUPS engage and network with NGOs, local businesses and youth. Share the challenges and triumphs of shifting mindsets!

ARTISTS & MUSICIANS share and collaborate with those focused on environmental and social causes.

YOU just show up, join the conversation, learn from others, pick up some green living tips and tricks or get involved with local eco-initiatives!

Sustainable Solutions Program

Solutions Showcase
+ Eco-market
A demonstrative, interactive marketplace, featuring students, NGOs, local businesses, and community members sharing their green projects, initiatives, products, and services.

Facilitated by students and community members, these hands-on sessions will show HOW TO make, build, or do something that will help us and others live more sustainably.

Activists’ Stage
An inspiring space dedicated to drama, music, poetry, and storytelling, for those using the stage for social and environmental movement. Hear from students, start-ups, and local heros on how they overcame their biggest challenges in a quest to shift mindsets.

Be it the eco-materials we use to create art or using art as a tool to raise awareness and promote action, Eco-art celebrates our connection to the natural world, stimulates the imagination, and promotes the role of art in the creation of a more sustainable world.

Solution Providers + Eco-Vendors



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