Recycling cooking oil and the Green School Bio Bus

Green School, Our Green World - November 7, 2015

Many years ago a friend in California bought the local fish and chip shop’s oil and ran his Mercedes on it. When his Mercedes went by you smelled fish and chips. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about cooking oil and used cooking oil; I just assumed in Bali it was being sold down the chain for poorer and poorer quality things until it was gone. It’s great that there’s a company now called Lengis Hijau  in Bali that’s getting the used cooking oil before it becomes carcinogenic roadside stall oil and that we’re running the Bio Bus at Green School on it. A great initiative by the kids and teachers.

The student team behind the Green School’s Bio Bus  presented at the Renewable Energy Forum youth panel last week in Bali.  The event was organised by UNORCID and the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, so it was a great opportunity to get involved in the country’s energy discussions while also supporting the students. 

Very impressed to read this statistic from the team: 

In September the Ubud/Canggu Bio Buses provided over 1,000 commute rides to and from school and ensured there were at least 250 less car trips made to Green School. 

All using recycled cooking oil. 

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