The trash vending machines of Bali

See - July 4, 2016

The team at Asia Pura showed me videos of these trash machines in Europe. They dump in huge loads of garbage and these machines just sort it. They have scanners to search the trash at a million frames a second and identify it and air is used to blow it into the right place. Trash vending machines are also amazing. You put in bottles and get money out. They’re here in Bali and Denpasar. It scans the bottle and know what it is and pays you based on the material. Super sophisticated. I’ve asked for one for Green School.


Asia Pura is a company based in Macau which operates in the sector of solid waste recycling, combining Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese know-how and capital.

The company is developing a plastic (PET) and aluminum recycling project in the island of Bali, in Indonesia and installing and equipping a factory as well as placing in various public places a number of automatic collection machines for selective plastic bottles and aluminum cans. People insert plastic bottles and receive vouchers in return.

Trash ATM in Bali

Trash ATM in Bali

This is a pilot project that began in 2016. Asia Pura is incorporating the ability to recycle other materials and expanding its activity to more countries in the Asian continent.

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