Green Stories: a Green School documentary in the works

Green School - October 21, 2016

Carine Lefebvre Quennell, Green School parent and filmmaker, is in the final stages of editing her film Green Stories, a documentary on Green School. Stay tuned for details how you can support the film and the crowdfunding campaign in November 2016.  More on why Carine wants to make this film:

What I saw caused me to question everything I knew of traditional schooling models, those that I had experienced and those my children had. What I saw is deeply inspiring, and made me both optimistic and enthusiastic for the future. It is a laboratory of ideas.

The film is above all the story of a handful of young people. Free to make choices, they learn by doing, very much linked to the environment around them. They are preparing for their future, and that of the planet. They want to change the world.

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