Revisiting Japan with my 19 year old

Do - January 27, 2016

If your 19 year old is loving her monoculture, what do you do to open the gates? Take her to Japan. It was such a pleasure to see her experience Japan having never been there and it is so different to anything she’s ever known.

I started in Japan in 1975. Japan is like everything I’ve never seen.  In a sense, it is a monoculture, but  it is such a hugely diverse place. It’s full of hidden magic. Full of beauty. It is still a world of artisanship- they’re even taking on the Scots by making the best whiskey in the world.

Carina in Japan

Tokyo sunrise.  We stayed in the Park Hotel in their art rooms.



Uber in Tokyo was amazing. Give your location, a nice car comes, drops you off, no money no going around in circles. The subway was also invaluable. Do as the locals do and zone out for the ride.

John in Japan

Lost her soul in the subway.

Lost soul

Confused Carina hitching.

Carina hitching

The Tokyo Station Hotel.

Tokyo station hotel

Tokyo winter fashion shoot complete with heater.

Tokyo winter fashion shoot

Antique textile shopping at  Morita.

Morita in Tokyo

Antique kimono modeled by Carina

A morning at the Tokyo fish market.

Japanese eels

fish basket Tokyo fish market

Trying the all-electric machines at the fish market. Turns on a dime.

Carina is hunting tuna

The last tuna. After you eat sushi in Japan you’ll never eat it anywhere else.

The last Tuna?

Can you tell a city by its manhole covers? Only in Japan would a manhole cover be this beautiful.

Japanese manhole cover

The art of boro- Japanese patchwork.


Japanese patchwork

A simulated firefly forest.

A firefly forest

A sumo match. No one in the audience was under 50.

Sumo match Sumo wrestling in Japan

A meal in the sky.

John Hardy in Japan

We went up to Hokkaido. Hasn’t seen sun for months.


So close to Russia you could do a Palin.


Carina Palin


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