Laughing yogini and bamboo bicyclist Suskitawati

Meet - October 26, 2016

Suskita is a young Chinese woman traveling across the world on her bamboo bike with a mission of spreading happiness with laughing yoga.

Suskita at Bambu Indah

She started her world adventure #ShootCycleHahaha in late July 2015 . Why Shoot+Cycle+Hahaha? She says it’s photo/video shooting while cycling, and at the same time, laughing to yourself & strangers you pass by: the top 3 things make her happy & healthy.

She rides a bamboo bicycle which she calls the  “Little Prince(小竹)”. She handmade Little Prince at the Shanghai iEnergy Bamboo Bike Workshop. So far she’s visited 12 countries: Turkey, Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia. Suskita will continue traveling the world for a ‘Laughing Revolution’ to make our world a happier place.

John Hardy with the Little Prince Bamboo Bike

She became part of the Bambu Indah family recently and we got to ask her a few questions.

1. What’s got you jumping out of bed at the moment?

Making one more person laugh while living around the world with my Bamboo Bike.

2. What do you think is something happening in the world right now that people need to know about?

People are so busy and have no time to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3. What did you take away from your Bali trip and meeting John?

1) Education education education. To create and maintain a sustainable lifestyle it must involve the locals and new generation through effective education.
2) Dreams come true only after you believe in yourself, seize the opportunities, and take step by step actions.
3) A daily morning exercise such as Trash Walk is very powerful for health, environment and community.

4. What’s your favorite book/video/film/website this month that you think everyone should be reading or watching?

1) The Little Prince: I named my bike after this book. And many people I met when I’m traveling, their behavior was described in this book.
2) Whenever I need some motivation or inspiration, I watch a few TED talks.

John Hardy on a trash walk



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