Ice-cream for iPads. To the Green School, from Chiara

Green School, Our Green World - May 18, 2011

A tiny update on my wonderful daughter, Chiara, and her marvelous brain. Her idea? Sell ice-cream and use the revenue to buy iPads for the Green School.

It’s worth noting she was confronted with many naysayers on the practicalities of her endeavour. In true Chiara style, instead of succumbing to the doubt, she chose to show them how her idea would work. To date, she generated enough revenue to purchase three iPads over three months. A Green School ally was so impressed with her immediate success, they donated $800 (USD) to purchase another one.
There’s also a mini-documentary being created about ice-cream for iPad, and I’ll share that with you when it’s finished. For now, if you’re interested in supporting the ice cream for iPad project, let me know, and we’ll make that happen.

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