Last three houses at Green Village Bali

Our Green World - April 20, 2018

We are building the last 3 unique bamboo villas at Green Village, located on the Ayung River in Bali and hand-constructed by IBUKU design team.

Aura, Echo and Eclipse are the final pieces of a journey that has inspired and attracted people from all over the world.

Green Village is more than a compound of 16 houses: it’s a living community of globally connected individuals who share the same values, passions, and outlook for sustainable housing and living. All just a short walk from Green School, Green Camp and the Kul-Kul Farm.

From the team at Green Village Bali:

Every inspiring journey must have a conclusion, and our Green Village project is definitely a journey one of its kind. Nature is vast and we must appreciate its infinite kindness without taking advantage of it. Our master-planned compound is almost completed: we are in the process of designing and building the last three bamboo houses.

AuraEcho and Eclipse are not simply villas. They are three unique opportunities to experience the exclusive luxury of nature. Imagine: it can be you, your kids, your life partner living in such an exclusively sustainable piece of art.

Buying a property at Green Village is an important investment, and not only from a financial point of view. By owning one of our houses you will join a community of like-minded successful entrepreneurs who share similar values, passion, and outlook for sustainable housing and living. And there’s more: it’s an investment that will also make you feel good. You will be contributing to a better future, fostering a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with Nature.

Contact the team for more details now.

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