Donate to get Green School students to COP21

Do, Green School, Our Green World - November 7, 2015

Green School students are heading to COP21 in Paris to participate in the global discussion on climate change. They are fundraising to help with their costs. In their words:

This year, Paris will host what could potentially be the largest climate change summit ever: the COP21. Surrounding this conference will be events specifically targeted at cultivating collective action through youth and sustainable movements, which we will be taking part in.

We are now at a tipping point in the history of the world that will define the future of our generation and every generation to come. There have been countless attempts to reach a global climate agreement – businessmen, politicians, world leaders and activists have all been debating for our entire lives without coming to a consensus. Now it is time for us, as the future of the world, to step up and take matters into our own hands.

Our mission is to contribute to positive change during our time in Paris. We will represent the Green School as well as the island of Bali by working with organizations and schools on the ground, participating in the youth conference, performing an original Green School production, showcasing sustainable student initiatives, and taking a huge part in the overall collective call for action on the issue of anthropogenic climate change. This is a pivotal moment in the history of our planet. This is our world. This is our school. THIS IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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