Community-based learning: The unique methods of a Balinese jungle school

Blog, Green School, Press - October 23, 2018

Ten years ago, educators seeking to create the ideal learning environment opened a student-centred school in the jungle with no walls and no boundaries as to what could be learned. Today, Green School celebrates its journey and looks to share its nature and community-based practices with teachers around the world.

John and Cynthia Hardy opened the innovative and unusual school in a jungle in Bali after reading the “Three Springs” manifesto by education theorist Alan Wagstaff. Wagstaff envisioned a learning village with three facets: educational, social and commercial, all holistic and student-centred. Although its student body has grown in size six times over (now including 43 Balinese students) since its founding and its curriculum has evolved, Green School’s foundation has remained the same.

“The learning programme, the learning environment and learning community are the three tenets of what is Green School. Those are the magic ingredients,” said Lee Ann McKee, director of marketing and communications for Green School – and also a parent of one student.

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