Keliling Bali with Make a Change and Bye Bye Plastic Bags teams

Watch - July 10, 2018

The young green leaders from the Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Make a Change teams are embarking on a circumnavigation of Bali this month. The expedition has been named ‘Keliling Bali’ or Around Bali.

This summer with a group of friends, we are circumnavigating the island of Bali on a boat powered 100% by nature. Our goal is to spotlight local solutions and engage in an island wide conversation to clean up Bali. Our raft is made from two Balinese traditional fishing boats connected by a bamboo platform and will have a recycled sail and a motor fueled by solar panels.


#KelilingBALI Ep. 1 – We're circumnavigating BALI!

This summer we're going to be circumnavigating the island of Bali on our next recycled bamboo raft ! Our goal is to spotlight local solutions and engage in an island wide discussion on the plastic pollution issue #KelilingBALI

Posted by Make A Change World on Sunday, 17 June 2018

Why are we embarking on this journey?

Having grown up in Bali, we have seen the trash problem on our island worsen year to year. Bali has been on the front page of dozens of news outlets after the national government declared Bali under a state of trash emergency. 

Our goal for this expedition is to document the positive local solutions all around the island. As rising tides of plastic bury Bali’s beaches, communities all around the island have come together to take action. With all these great initiatives already taking place, we want to highlight their work and seek to inspire others to make a change. 

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