Green School New Zealand dream come true

Green School - March 11, 2019

Green School New Zealand was just a dream. Michael and Rachel Perrett made it happen. The most beautiful land, with the most beautiful river, 2 miles from the ocean, 5 miles from the mountain. Incredible, incredible experience.

It will be a chance to have a Green School in a place that is beauty beyond beauty… and not without its own problems. It’s the overgrazing capital of the planet and I’m sure there will be a lot of causes and issues for the Green School kids to focus on. The Perretts have taken the cows off the farm, the farm hasn’t been sprayed for years, and they’ve planted huge numbers of native plants. The farm will be a beacon for the future for all of New Zealand and the world.

How to make a Green School green in the presence of the powers that be? That will be the special challenge in New Zealand.

“Connected deeply and richly to the natural environment, students will learn Maori cultural values intertwined into the spirit of the school, grounding us in the whenua, the land.

The school will be led by Chris Edwards, an inspiring educator with over three decades of teaching experience in Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. Most recently, Chris was the Head of UWC South East Asia, using the power of education to transform the lives of thousands of students under his charge.

Our founders Michael and Rachel Perrett are respected business and community leaders in Taranaki with a love for education and community. Having witnessed first-hand the life-changing impact of a Green School education on their children in Bali, their dream is to bring it to the families of Taranaki and New Zealand.

Driven by John Hardy, c0-founder of the Green School movement, our school threads sustainability through the learning environment, curriculum and co-curricular activities. We have one of New Zealand’s largest reforestation projects happening on campus. At every grade we have hands-on programs to make students more aware of the world’s sustainability challenges and how we can make a difference.”

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