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Meet - March 2, 2012

With Green Kampong, I hope to build a like-minded community that not only shares and learns together but also becomes an informative platform to build awareness and education on conservation. Together, we can make a much better place for ourselves and our children.

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Technology does not always mean progress. We all share this little village. In fact, if we all went back to the simpler, kampong life (that we have been striving to leave behind), we would have a brighter future to look forward to.
What does being “green” mean to you?

Being “green” means that I try to think past today and that the choices I make are ones that my children will appreciate in the VERY NEAR future. The statistics on how quickly our planet’s resources are being depleted are very overwhelming and frightening to me. How can we not be thoughtful and considerate?

It’s not the world we are trying to save, but the human race’s ability to survive on this shared earth. Improvement needs to happen NOW or we’ll be too late.
What can the average person do to be green?

Get educated on the facts of conservation! Mobilize friends, family, community on making it a way of life.  It’s the little things such as using recycled shopping bags that cumulatively make the biggest difference. Moreover, we must understand that our choices now affect future generations. With our current path, the damage to the planet may be irreversible.
What are some of the biggest challenges to being eco-friendly?

There is a misconception that being eco-friendly costs a lot of money and that one person does not really make a difference in the big picture. Both are untrue.


Nadya is an eco-activist, eco-centric jewellery designer and well known personality in Singapore and Asia.

Voted one of Singapore’s stylish and most beautiful women, there are few stars in Asia who have generated so much interest than Nadya Hutagalung. Well loved as one of the pioneering VJs of MTV, her work brought her incredible success, celebrity and accolades, entertaining over 70 million households across Asia.

But so much more than her amazing start in the entertainment world, Nadya has sustained all her hard work and has risen to become one of the most sought after, multi-faceted, accomplished women in Asia.

She was voted one of Asia¹s Leading Trendmakers by Asiaweek magazine, alongside the Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fatt, for her special ability to inspire and fascinate.  In this same year, she was also voted Showtime Personality of the Year by Singapore¹s The New Paper, and Singapore¹s Most Gorgeous Woman by Female magazine readers.  Nadya was also named as one of the top ten ³Shining Stars² on Indonesian Television by the Indonesian publication, Bintang.

Nadya is now in the midst of building a green home and is the ambassador for the World Wildlife Funds Earth Hour in Singapore, championing the green cause to make this truly a better world for everyone.

Her keen eye for colour and style led her on to painting, in part encouraged by her artist mother. A recent exhibition of her artwork helped raise much needed money for the Tsunami Relief Fund, which enabled her to match another passion, that of helping others.

Her creative and impeccable style in both life and fashion has propelled her to a league of her own and was the incentive for her to launch her own sustainable jewelry line called OSEL meaning ŒClear Light¹ in Tibetan.  The name says it all and with Nadya¹s unique eye she has managed to create timeless pieces that simply take your breath away.  They are pieces to treasure.

Passion for life has given Nadya the drive to offer help where and when it is needed; therefore her charity work has taken a front seat too.  She divides whatever free time she has between championing the preservation of endangered species, lending her voice to raise awareness for women¹s issues, painting for charitable art exhibitions for causes such as the Tsunami Relief Fund and volunteering both physical and fundraising aid (for both the Bali bombings and the Jogakarta quake victims).

Nadya is constantly seeking new ways to expand herself both personally and professionally, and has proven herself in the past as having an overwhelming commitment to anything she undertakes.  And as for what the future holds?

We have only just skimmed the surface.

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