Chop Value Bali: Urban Harvesting Chopsticks

IBUKU - April 3, 2023

Bali businesses using chopsticks: don’t throw them away. Send them to Orin and ChopValue Bali!


The first ChopValue microfactory in Indonesia is at Bamboo Pure and we need all the used chopsticks we can get! Head to their Instagram if you know anyone with a chopstick problem or a noodle addiction. Sushi addicts also appreciated.




ChopValue urban harvests used chopsticks:

Our resource is what others may view as waste – that means we don’t take virgin materials from the environment. Every chopstick is perfect, slender, and defect-free, making them ideal to develop an innovative engineered material. When designing products, our mindset has been circularity and longevity. This allows us to minimize our environmental impact while creating sustainable solutions engineered to last.


From ChopValue Bali:

Hardy’s passion for natural resources are rooted in his upbringing in Bali. His father and stepmother were pioneers in the bamboo industry, co-founding the Green School, a campus built entirely out of bamboo. Following in their footsteps, Orin established Bamboo U together with his wife Maria, an educational enterprise to learn about bamboo design and sustainable architecture.

Launching in partnership with Bamboo Pure, ChopValue Bali will lead by example on closing the loop and provide a solution to resource efficiency through unconventional means of urban harvesting, shifting the paradigm of organic waste to be seen as an under-utilized resource all while improving Bamboo Pure’s operational efficiency of existing waste streams.

“Restoring our relationship with nature and the planet is not just about shifting towards prioritizing renewable resources, it’s also about discovering how to best use these materials,” shares Hardy. “ChopValue is an incredible example that takes resource utilization a few steps further by supporting the development of a circular economy that benefits all stakeholders involved — from the producers all the way to the end user. It’s an elegant solution that will bring quality industrial bamboo products to Bali on an appropriate scale to help both the economy and the environment. This is why I believe introducing ChopValue to our growing ecosystem of bamboo initiatives in Bali is essential.”




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