Back to Ishizaka for the opening of a new community center

See - May 2, 2016

The reason I went to Japan was to speak at an event held by Ishizaka, a recycling facility that takes buildings and recycles them up to 95% in Saitama, Japan. They are now making a land trust around the plant and are regrowing the forest. They are also sponsoring the agriculture industry around them, supporting organic farming. They have just built a traditional Japanese community center with beautiful gardens and the Satoyama Expo event was an official opening ceremony. If you haven’t read my blog post on the facility, find it here. Hope to be back here very soon to work on an all bamboo building for them. 



Mural at the Expo

Art Mural in Japan

Bamboo shoots in JapanBamboo shoots in Japan

In the recycling facilityIshizaka Recycling Facility Bamboo love at Ishizaka

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