WWD: Eco-expert Marci Zaroff on cultivating fashion’s future

Read - May 3, 2019

Marci Zaroff on the benefits of organic cotton farming in WWD. Marci also wrote a great book called ECORenaissance.


Did you know that regenerative organic agriculture has the power to actually reverse climate change? Did you know that carbon can be pulled from the atmosphere like a sponge (sequestered in the soil) by changing the way we farm? Did you know that regenerative organic cotton farmers can make more money, as well as proactively build their soil to be more resilient to global warming? At the end of the day, these factors are the farmer’s key priorities. Millions of farmers worldwide depend on cotton farming for their livelihoods, and climate change is no longer a distant concept — farmers are living through and experiencing increased severe weather changes that depend on strong fertile soil to protect their crops. But with the current systems in place, farmers are struggling to survive financially, and their soil has become so depleted, it is essentially dirt, devoid of biodiversity and the ability to sustain climate change.

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