Why you need Dungbeetle (also a biodigester) in your life

Meet - December 5, 2023

Imagine turning cow manure and your leftover dinner into something that not only powers a stove but also helps our climate. That’s exactly what’s happening at Bambu Indah, thanks to an incredible initiative.

The Birth of Dungbeetle

There was a graduate from the Green School who thought, “Hey, why not make it super easy for folks to join hands with the most genuine regenerative projects out there?” And just like that, Dungbeetle was born. It’s not just about finding these projects; it’s about bringing all the tracking and transparency you could wish for. Imagine funding climate action and actually getting to see the difference your dollar makes in real time.

Dungbeetle: “We find the most authentic regenerative projects worldwide and let you take action with them, bringing tracking & transparency to the climate action you fund.“

The Magic of Biodigesters at Bambu Indah

There’s something really cool happening at Bambu Indah, thanks to su-re.co‘s biodigesters. These devices are turning waste into wonders. Cow manure and food scraps go in, and out comes biogas for cooking and organic fertilizer to make crops happier and healthier.

We have a su-re.co’s biodigester at Bambu Indah, which enables us to turn cow manure and food waste into biogas for stoves and organic fertilizer for crops. ‍‍On average, su-re.co’s biodigesters sequester 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide every year. You can fund one too. And when you fund a biodigester for a Balinese farmer, you can track it with the Dung Beetle metadata dashboard.

So, you’re thinking, “This is amazing, but what can I do?” Here’s the good news: you can actually fund one of these biodigesters for a farmer in Bali. And the best part? You get to track your biodigester’s journey and its impact through the Dungbeetle dashboard. It’s like adopting a pet, but instead, you’re adopting a piece of the climate solution, getting updates on how your investment is making a difference.



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