What would it take?

Our Green World - June 19, 2015

John’s thoughts:

What would it actually take to take Bali off the grid? What would it take to take a 60 by 90 mile piece of land and make it green? To make Bali organic? To put a light rail system around this island and through it? That would service the people with a minimum of congestion and pollution? Can you imagine being in Nusa Dua and it being a 15 minute ride on the tube to Ubud station? What would it take to have a full recycling system? To deal with all the waste in blackwater gardens? Wha would it take to compost the whole island? What would it take to wipe out corruption?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have an island with this many hotels rooms where people came  from all over the world to see the future? See the future in Bali. 60 by 90 miles. What would it take to do one right and then do ten thousand? Everybody builds a sample, a test, a prototype.

What would it take to have all the  Aqua and Coke on this island in glass bottles again? This is one place in the world where there is a living, intact, culture. It could be like the paradise unknown.

So that came up the other day when someone asked me what my big dream was. I have lots of tiny dreams, but I don’t have any big dreams. And then I thought about it, and realized that’s always been my dream. My big dream. What would it take?


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