CleanWorld’s BioDigesters

Watch - August 16, 2016

Take a look at this. It’s a for profit company working in Sacramento that collects food waste in gas powered trucks. We could actually take every single bit of biomass we have produced, found, excreted and put it into a digester and make gas for our vehicles or create electricity. That would then just leave us with the plastic and metals, which we can 100% recycle. This is really amazing thing to watch. So exciting to think about composting everything we have lying around, including poop and pee and everything else that is organic. Thank you Angus and Duncan for letting me know about it and Clean World for making it happen. This is an incredible future to look forward to.


CleanWorld specializing in repurposing organic waste into the forms of transportation fuel for vehicles and electricity. Check out all of the great things CleanWorld BioDigesters do that help clean up our world.

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