Two daughters and their inflatable art

See - November 3, 2017

Carina and Chiara have both explored and created very different inflatable art installations over the past few years. Both creators speak about their work and what drew them to the ideas below.

Chiara Hardy has released a new video about her Onigiri inflatable design project.  Head over here to read more about the project.

In May 2017, Carina Hardy brought her Back to the Breast installation to Goldsmiths College in London. The Goldsmiths Design Blog recently did an interview with Carina to find out more about the project:

This project posed some extreme challenges because I was committed to make them entirely out of sustainable materials. The ultimate goal was to compost them at the end of their life. After a series of material tests and prototypes we built the membrane structure out of organic cotton and coated the fabric in natural latex. I built them in Bali, where I was raised, with the help of a master tailor and a team. The natural liquid latex is hand-painted onto a total of 64 panels, and we pigmented the canvas because I didn’t want the default to be white breasts – watching the pigment change over time has been really interesting as well. It was a very intense material to figure out because it’s so sticky. The latex had to be brushed with baby powder so that it wouldn’t stick to itself.

As part of her work, Carina also created the Elppin:

It is a line of subversive jewellery made form hammered brass and can be fastened to your shirt or bra using magnets. The use of magnets as opposed to traditional brooch pin findings emphasizes the way in which breasts are magnets of attention.

Ellpin nipple pins by Carina Hardy


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