Chiara and the Onigiri Pyramids at Wonderfruit Festival

See - December 23, 2015

The Wonderfruit Festival is about bringing communities together in Thailand, to nurture collaborative, creative cultures and inspire celebration of the arts and the adventure of sustainable living.

Chiara recently made her debut as an artist there with her installation of three inflatables or pyramids called Onigiri. For her photos go here.

Unpacking the inflatableReady for the bubble Unpacking the inflatable Up it goes- the inflatable at Wonderfruit Onigiri by Chiara HardyCynthia Hardy at Wonderfruit Festival Inflatable at Wonderfruit Festival Inside the inflatable Onigiri by Chiara HardyInside the inflatable by Chiara HardyOnigiri by Chiara Hardy Onigiri by Chiara HardyInflatable at Wonderfruit FestivalInflatables by night

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