Tropic Wonder: IBUKU in Habitus Living

IBUKU, Press - September 11, 2019

Tropic Wonder; A Bamboo Exposé by Olha Romaniuk in Habitus Living, April 2019:


The new age of bamboo construction is ushering in the transformation of the humble tropical plant from a decorative element to a sustainable structural material of the future.

Although to the mass market the use of bamboo in construction may seem like a relatively new concept, the versatile and resilient plant has long been utilised extensively in many countries in Asia and South America, where the plant grows natively. As the popularity of bamboo as a structural material spreads to the global construction industry, bamboo’s reputation as a versatile and eco-conscious choice is propelling its usage beyond small-scale projects to more ambitious and long-term undertakings worldwide.

“Bamboo is plentiful; it grows quickly and easily and is uniquely versatile,” says Elora Hardy, founder of the Bali-based architecture and design studio IBUKU, in her response to why she prefers to use the material in her projects. For Elora, who has been one of the early pioneers in utilising bamboo as a primary construction material, the plant is the source of inspiration for exploration of the untapped possibilities as the eco-friendly alternative to more conventional construction materials.

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