Travel notes- trash walking and free newspapers

Trash Walks - October 19, 2015

I see this all over the world. Huge amount of newspapers being given away. It’s criminal. London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong. This picture is from Hong Kong. You don’t need to even buy newspapers any more, they just hand you one as you get into the subway and it goes straight into the garbage. What are we doing with our trees?

Free newspapers in Hongkong

One day, I left the hotel in London and walked down Picadilly. I was visualizing a virtual trash walk, so I started taking pictures of the trash. Unfortunately I didn’t have my spear and didn’t have my bag. So I did a virtual trash walk.

In our Bali trash walks, we have now collected over 183 kilos of plastics and sold it back to Enviropallets to make their shipping pallets. We leave Bambu Indah every morning at 7 am. Join us.

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