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Read - October 24, 2017

Two articles recently caught my eye on The Food Babe’s blog.

One about America’s love of Halloween candy:  The Food Babe uncovers how many of the candy bars we give kids have GMOs in them and other harmful substances. Dangers of Halloween candy

Although Halloween isn’t a healthy holiday by any means, there’s no reason to throw all caution to the wind and litter the neighborhood with these toxic “treats” once a year. Over 90% of Americans are concerned about GMOs in their food – and a growing number of us read ingredient lists and are steering clear of artificial food additives – yet there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to holidays like Halloween and what people are willing to put into their cart.

If you normally avoid GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and controversial preservatives, now’s the time to stop buying conventional Halloween candy and seek out better alternatives.

Unless a candy is organic or Non-GMO Project verified, it’s probably made with genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. The sugar in most processed food comes from GMO sugar beets, and if it doesn’t specifically list “Cane Sugar” it’s generally GMO. This “Roundup-Ready” sugar is sprayed with Roundup – a herbicide linked to cancer and several other diseases – good reasons to avoid it at all costs.

– Vani Hari, The Food Babe

The second article delves a little deeper into the GMO issue and talk about a new book that’s going straight on the reading list- Whitewash.

Since our regulatory agencies are not taking action, this carcinogen continues to proliferate and is contaminating virtually all of the food that we and our children are eating. It’s maddening! Some food brands are taking notice – Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that they’re launching glyphosate-free ice cream by 2020 and other brands are getting certified as glyphosate residue free. This is a huge step in helping to clean up our food supply, but much more needs to be done.

How do we get Roundup BANNED and out of our food?

My dear friend Carey Gillam expertly delves into this issue in her new must-read (and courageous!) book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science. Just as Rachel Carson started the environmental revolution which led to getting the dangerous pesticide DDT banned over 40 years ago, I believe Carey’s book will have the same impact on our world.

-Vani Hari, the Food Babe



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