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Read - November 26, 2021

I’m really happy that Chris took the time to write about his journey. The book is not only about his and Galina’s Blue Zone travels but also about a transformation. I’m proud to have called Chris a friend and partner for 10 years now—we’ve both supported each other in many ways. From very personal things to the challenges of taking Green School to the world.


Chris writes honestly about struggles he and Galina had in their relationship when their youngest child finished high school, and I admire him for being so open. And this book is not just for empty nesters. It has a message that anyone struggling with what to prioritize in life needs to hear.


I dedicated this book to “those who have pushed me to be more,” and I can honestly say that John, along with my wife, is at the top of my list of people who have pushed me to move beyond my own self-doubt to be my authentic self. Much of what I write about in the book occurred over the past decade which for me was a time where I can honestly say I finally grew up. John’s often not-so-subtle nudges to move past playing the victim, playing it safe, and taking responsibility for my life played a key role in my personal development, and for that, I am forever grateful.
—Chris Saye


Their story also made it to The Daily Mail:

A couple of empty nesters who feared the glue keeping them together may come unstuck when their children left home launched an incredible ‘longevity gap year’ – visiting extraordinary places in search of a new purpose.


Avid international travellers Chris and Galina Saye, both 52, had lived everywhere from London to Russia and the US and were based in Singapore when, in 2018, the youngest of their three children, Marcus, 21, left home for a gap year before studying mechanical engineering at London’s Imperial College.


The couple, now living in London’s Covent Garden – both keen to have longevity – embarked on a gap year of their own, visiting four of the world’s ‘Blue Zones,’ identified by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner as the places where people live the longest and are healthiest.

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