An IBUKU model goes into the permanent collection of the V&A

IBUKU - November 1, 2019

I was very proud to see those models at the V&A and see Elora speak there. One of the models (the one of Sharma Springs below) has now been taken into the permanent collection of the V&A/Smithsonian collection.

It’s a really tough business and incredible clients like Sumant are hard to find. To see Sumant glowing above his house’s model in the V&A was a true reward for a man who told Elora when they started, “Make me beauty. Make me outrageous beauty.”

Thomas Heatherwick, for the first time in his history, hosted a community event for Elora and me to speak at his studio. The things he said about Elora, me, and bamboo, coming from him, were mindblowing. So grateful to him and his team. Thank you, London!

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