INK Talks in the Jaisalmer desert

Do - August 23, 2019

I’ve been screaming about how inappropriate it is to change the world from inside a polyester ballroom with terrible hotel food. We bring people who are changing the world to a place like that- why? It’s stupid to hold events like these in unsustainable places.

Manvendra is hosting INKTalks in the Desert from November 14-17 2019. Cynthia and I are hosting one session. This INKTalks is going to be like no other because in the daytime we’re going to be exploring the area around the Jaisalmer desert- lunch with 500 goats, tea with 500 camels, lots of fun stuff.



The talks will be from 6-9pm, once it gets dark and cool. The talks will be given in between 200-300 year old trees in an oasis, in a step well, and in a harem of the Jaisalmer Fort. There will be 3 nights like this. After 9 pm the fire dancers and desert nomad performers will arrive.

Experience INK2019

To explore ‘Within and Beyond’ INK invites you to be part of a curated 3-day experience in the land where the sands meet the sky – in Jaisalmer!

For the first time, INK goes outside the ballroom, with experiences designed in exquisite settings in the boutique hotel, Suryagarh, as well as in unexplored spaces scattered across the golden desert; some of them being opened to the public for the first time! Imagine being part of conversations with intimate groups in experiential settings – in a 200-yr old step-well, by a lakefront, in an oasis, in the oldest living fort in the world, and under the starlit sky.

In our tenth anniversary year, we invite you to go beyond being a listener, participate in interactive, impact-driven sessions and workshops, and become an agent of change!

Scroll on for three great INKTalks from previous years.

INK Fellow Ankit Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of Helpusgreen, a social enterprise that has pioneered the ‘flowercycling technology’, converting the waste from places of worship into patented lifestyle products, to save the river Ganges. Awarded as Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas, Helpusgreen is the world’s first lean and profitable solution to this monumental problem, bringing hope to revive the lifeline of more than 420 million – The Ganges.


The first man to wear a sanitary napkin, Arunachalam Muruganantham of Jayaashree Industries designed, created, tested and implemented a sanitary napkin-making machine that operates on a small scale. A women’s group can invest in a sanitary napkin-making unit to create a business that employs up to ten women. The new invention is capable of making 120 napkins per hour.


Prior to starting her own company, Ruchi Sanghvi was the first female engineer at Facebook, and was instrumental in leading product and strategy for key features like News Feed, Privacy, Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect.




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