Iceland’s alarming number of waterfalls

See - September 5, 2022

Cynthia and I just returned from Iceland. I would absolutely recommend Iceland Air and Iceland. You can stop there on your way to Europe but bring your sleeping mask and your earplugs as night is a very short thing in the summer and a very long thing in the winter.



Most of the island is a melting glacier and there are an uncomfortable number of waterfalls.



The Bears liked the sheep and they had long conversations about warm coats.


This rainbow followed us for half a day. Amazing.



Turf roof houses in Iceland.



Puffin watching. Thousands of beautiful birds.



This is where horses rule.  We spent most of an hour waiting for a herd of wild horses to leave the only Rrad in the wilderness.


Iceland;s big export is beauty,  the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen. They good in the cold and they’re not as big so you can put your foot down if you’re really tall rather than falling off.


Iceland ice in the field. Sadly it’s newly mown hay to feed the horses.

Sadly it’s polyethylene and when I made an inquiry there is a movement afoot to change the color to no colour which makes it more recyclable….

In America seems it’s buried or burned. In England there is a huge focus to get it all made clear and all recycled.




Great shirt.



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