From Bali to New York: Bambu Indah gets love from the New York Times

Bambu Indah, Press - May 9, 2018

It is such a struggle, locally or internationally, to do something that’s never been done. And I’m very, very proud when we get acknowledgment internationally that what we’re doing at Bambu Indah deserves to be talked about.

Recently the River Warung appeared in the New York Times and before that the new love shacks, Copper and Moon, appeared in Architectural Digest. We are so happy…

To get there, guests take an elevator down 60 feet and cross an irrigation canal via suspension bridge. Once seated, they can enjoy Balinese-inspired dishes, including wood-fired jackfruit steak rubbed with turmeric and galangal, as well as minced fish wrapped in banana leaf and served with corn fritters and greens sautéed in coconut oil. “It’s everything we loved about the island that is now so hard to find,” says Cynthia. 

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