Companies to keep an eye on

Meet - November 6, 2018

I’ll be adding to this list regularly, so bookmark it to follow along.

These are companies and organizations I’ve come across around the world who are doing good things for the planet.


Name: pond

Location: Denmark

Product: Bio-resin and fiber products

Why you should know about it:  

pond produces bio resin systems which are 100 % bio-based and fully bio-degradable in nature. They are suitable to bind many types of natural fibers such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute – resulting in making fully biodegradable products.

What makes the pond resin systems remarkable and differentiated from other bio-based resins, is the strength properties achieved in the end product.

The pond bio resin system is suitable to be used to substitute traditional crude-oil resins in many industries, including the automotive, wind power, airplane, textile, construction, bottling and plastic packaging industry.




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