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Meet - November 6, 2018

I’ll be adding to this list regularly, so bookmark it to follow along.

These are companies and organizations I’ve come across around the world who are doing good things for the planet.


Name: Hemp Fabric Lab

Location: India

Product: Sustainable hemp fabrics

Why you should know about it: 

Hemp Fabric Lab is a one-stop shop for designers and creators to get their fix of sustainable fabrics with hemp as a core material. Hemp is one the strongest natural fibers that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family. Although it looks similar to Marijuana, the two couldn’t be vastly different. Hemp has very low levels of THC (the psychoactive substance that makes one euphoric), thereby making it useful only for industrial purposes like food, shelter and clothing.

The idea for HFL came about because we saw a growing need for eco-friendly fabrics and lack of easy accessibility to them.

Seeing that we were already working with one of nature’s most sustainable offering, we decided that more people should get to experience it too. In the process, we also realised how cumbersome fabric shopping can be. So we focused on the two problems that designers face the most: minimum order quantities (MOQs) and availability of natural fabrics.


Name: pond

Location: Denmark

Product: Bio-resin and fiber products

Why you should know about it:  

pond produces bio resin systems which are 100 % bio-based and fully bio-degradable in nature. They are suitable to bind many types of natural fibers such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute – resulting in making fully biodegradable products.

What makes the pond resin systems remarkable and differentiated from other bio-based resins, is the strength properties achieved in the end product.

The pond bio resin system is suitable to be used to substitute traditional crude-oil resins in many industries, including the automotive, wind power, airplane, textile, construction, bottling and plastic packaging industry.




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