Bambu Indah Refresh

Bambu Indah - May 31, 2023

Our dear Bambu Indah is undergoing some changes.  While we are refreshing the upstairs, please come and visit the Pools!

Bambu Indah’s icon, Minang House is on the move. Watch this beautiful timelapse as it’s taken down pole by pole. Any guesses where it’s going?



We also have adopted a ricefield across the river. We took a rice field that had been fallow for ten years. Everybody in the family got a government job and left farming behind.

We have regenerated a very large rice field. We worked it. We threw away the stones, we dug up the roots. It took twelve men two weeks to get to the soil. We’ve already planted rice.

It’s the opposite of what people are doing here. Everybody says to us – most people come into the rice fields and build a villa. You guys are taking fallow land and putting rice fields back in. Nobody does that.



At Bambu Indah, we’re currently harvesting dandelions, kale, rucola, Ecuadorian peanuts that John got for Christmas from Orin, and beautiful fresh gardenias and jasmine. BTW, have you met the Bambu Indah cow yet? Get a hug and give him a scratch. He’s just so warm and beautiful.

About Bambu Indah:

Bambu Indah is a luxurious boutique hotel encapsulating old-school Bali: peaceful, laidback and in harmony with nature. Tamarind, cinnamon, palm, and banyan trees cascade down steep jungle slopes to an enchanting river with natural swimming pools fed by dancing waterfalls.

Jewellery designer John Hardy arrived in Ubud in the 70s and met and married Cynthia a decade later. In 2005 they installed eleven antique Javanese bridal homes collected on their travels on a jungle cliff top overlooking padi fields, inviting first their friends to stay and then turning it into a hotel.

Today travelers come from all over the world, drawn by their dream of a regenerative world where nothing is used which cannot be composted back into the earth.

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