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Do - July 9, 2018

… and they’re offering a chance to win a free place at the next Bamboo U if you join up to their newsletter before September 2018!

Bamboo U was an idea conceived by John Hardy to help teach people about the potential of bamboo as a green building material. The program was founded in 2015 in collaboration with IBUKU by Orin Hardy and Maria Farrugia. The intention is to share unique design and construction knowledge and to explore alternative ways of building.

We believe that in a resource intensive modern era, sustainability should be placed at the center of our creative processes.  A new generation of designer, architects and engineers are striving to reconnect their expertise to nature by bringing together tradition with innovation, theory with practice, and sustainability with durability. We aim at training them to design beautiful and functional natural buildings.



Bamboo can transform our built environment with its strength, elegance, and sustainability. When we combine its innate properties with the expertise of our architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen from around the world, it leads to extraordinary outcomes. It is our mission to teach the principles we are developing here in Bali to a new generation of changemakers from around the world. We invite people from across the globe to discover the endless design opportunities of this sustainable and elegant material.

Participants follow a detailed curriculum taking them through the whole life cycle of bamboo from sustainable forestry to design and construction. Each topic is supported by both theoretical lectures and practical workshops. They are guided by a team of academic lecturers and master builders. The course is about engaging with the material and immersing oneself both intellectually and kinesthetically to create a cohesive understanding of how to best apply bamboo to any context. Every course offers the opportunity to build full-scale structures and to develop design skills that will help inform each participant’s personal design projects.

See the whole list of upcoming workshops on the Bamboo U website.
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