Bamboo for sustainability: Orin Hardy’s INKTalk

Kul Kul Farm, Watch - February 12, 2020

Orin’s INKTalk is live.

“Yes, humanity has an incredible capacity to destroy, but an equal ability to create.” Learn how Orin Hardy, founder of The Kul Kul Farm is using bamboo to build permanent, sustainable and earth-friendly structures that capture carbon dioxide. Bamboo U is their offering to the world, to repair the string that holds us to each other and nature itself.

Talk recorded at ‘INK2019: Within and Beyond’ in Jaisalmer.


ABOUT ORIN HARDY: Orin Hardy is the co-founder of The Kul Kul Farm and Bamboo U, two hands on education enterprises in Bali. He dedicates his time to creating spaces and opening up new possibilities for people to learn how to incorporate sustainability into their lives. Combining his international expertise with local knowledge, Hardy facilitates and teaches courses related to hands-on living, permaculture design, gardening and bamboo construction. Along with his team, Hardy has welcomed hundreds of people from all over the world to participate in these programs. Raised in a Balinese village surrounded by rivers and jungle, he then moved to North America where he witnessed this disconnect between humans and nature in the modern world. He now spends his time devoted to reconnect people with nature.


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