A Kul Kul Farm mini-doc from Make a Change World

Kul Kul Farm, Watch - May 8, 2020

The Make a Change team made this great film about the farm and Orin and Maria’s philosophy.

Orin and Maria are behind the Kul Kul Farm.

We are passionate about food grown well, community and sharing practical skills to design, build, grow, make and create with nature in mind. We work with a team of home gardeners, farmers, educators, permaculture designers, herbalists, cooks, bamboo builders and entrepreneurs. Together we host farm tours, workshops, retreats, and lunches.

The Kul Kul Farm is a 2 minute walk from the Green School in Bali. Here, we spend our time creating, learning, sharing, growing and building our farm life and business. We started the farm with the intention of inspiring and empowering both local Balinese and visiting travellers to live a life connected to the natural world and traditional ways of living.

We hope our farm inspires you to embark on creative, fun, wholesome experiences each day, and that you will visit us soon to share in our farm life.



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