Women’s Earth Alliance and Building Climate Resiliency in Indonesia

Meet - April 28, 2019

Meet the Women’s Earth Alliance.  WEA has implemented 125 women’s environmental and entrepreneurship projects in 18 countries – training, funding, and catalyzing 5,000 women to advance safe water, clean energy, regenerative farming, women’s land rights, and more. WEA’s model creates cascading benefits – to date, WEA leaders have equipped over a million more people with life-giving environmental solutions. These leaders are winning political positions, expanding economic opportunities for women and girls, and receiving national and global recognition.

Activities in Indonesia

The 2019 Indonesia Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator catalyzes the efforts of Indonesian women leaders protecting their communities and ecosystems from environmental/climate threats like palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea level rise. This initiative will support leaders from across the country to deepen their strategies, build powerful alliances, and scale their solutions for the environment. This is a joint initiative of WEA, For Good, Mother Jungle, and Ranu Welum.

WEA recognizes that, in this moment of environmental crisis, Indonesia is ground zero. As the fifth largest producer of greenhouse gases, Indonesia’s emissions rose 3% last year, nearly erasing the progress that several other nations made towards limiting the average global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 12 years. Women in Indonesia experience the brunt of these climate disruptions and have therefore stepped forward as key leaders in designing solutions to critical issues, such as palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea level rise.

In recognition of the critical role that Indonesian women play in environmental and climate leadership, both nationally and internationally, and the acute support they need to grow their impact, we are launching the Indonesia 2019 Women’s Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator.



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