Visit Devi Garh in Rajasthan

Do - August 7, 2012

An amazing place to stay in when you visit Rajasthan- Devi Garh.

In the far distant Rajasthani region, the Devi Garh hotel dominates the heights of the Aravalli mountain chain, the final rampart on the way to the princely city if Udaipur. The celebrated Indian decorator, Lekha Podday took this former Rajput fort and transformed it into a luxury boutique hotel with noble and precious materials, plunging guests into the elegant universe of the Udaipur maharajahs. After ten years of renovation, the hotel’s 39 suites have come alive once again, giving them the feel of minimalist retreats. The transparent interiors contain small touches of amber color, casting a modern veil over this medieval building. The Devi Garh is the ideal site for tasting the joys of princely life. And to prolong the experience, the restaurant’s traditional Indian cuisine, which can be enjoyed while sitting on the colorful grass of the fort, is a must visit.


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