Travels with John and Cynthia: Africa

See - July 3, 2021

Cynthia and I went to meet the amazing animals of Africa, including the gorillas of Volcanoes National Park.

Instead of disappearing, the number of mountain gorillas — a subspecies of eastern gorillas — has risen from 680 a decade ago to just over 1,000 today. Their population is split between two regions, including mist-covered defunct volcanoes within Congo, Uganda and Rwanda — one of Africa’s smallest and most densely populated countries.

“The population of mountain gorillas is still vulnerable,” says George Schaller, a renowned biologist and gorilla expert. “But their numbers are now growing, and that’s remarkable.”

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We then headed to Lamu Island in Kenya.


Home to incredible weavers.


Wild beaches.


Beautiful traditional buildings.


And donkeys.


H is for Hardy donkeys. New business.


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