The last lawn: the gardens at Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah - April 15, 2020

The front lawn goes next to become a food garden. Check below for the before picture and also an update on the new look for our Bambu Indah Greenhouse.


An interesting side effect of the coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency is the focus on food and gardening in the media, from New Zealanders emptying plant nurseries, to opinion pieces on grabbing shovels, not shopping trolleys, coronavirus gardening boom overwhelms seed suppliers, and why we need to overturn the lawn.


More about the gardens and food at Bambu Indah: 

Food scraps feed the pigs, and fuel the our compost heap where the chickens pick for bugs and worms while aerating the soil. The compost then feeds the garden beds that feed you. We have a no plastic policy and instead use banana leaves as plates and papaya stems as straws. Any plastics, cans, or glass bottles that do end up on the property are fed through the recycling program.  Used cooking oil fuels the lamps that light your path in the dark of night.

We grow produce on our property, often right outside your temporary vacation home. Everything prepared by our crew has either been grown close to home, or sourced from close by. Lead by locals and gardening experts, our organic produce garden is a sustainable source of food and fosters the use of indigenous ingredients. There is nothing quite like tasting Ubud’s fresh local ingredients and the delicious traditional dishes prepared from our talented Indonesian kitchen team.

A new look for the Green House:


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