The future of bamboo is happening in China

See - January 2, 2017

I’ve had to create three blog posts just to chronicle all the amazing bamboo innovation and design I saw in China.  They really are using this grass to its full potential there.  A few of the other things I saw while I was there, including a visit to a bamboo lumber factory, live bamboo fountaining wine and a visit to the Craft Museum of China.

Bamboo Lumber Factory

We visited a gigantic bamboo lumber factory- all the photos below are products made out of pressed bamboo.

John Hardy with bamboo lumber

Bamboo lumber

Huge amounts of bamboo being carbonized to get rid of the sugar (and the pests). They turn in into miles of lumber and planks.

Carbonized bamboo lumber in China

Raw bamboo

Bamboo lumber making Bamboo lumber making

I found them burning the offcuts for power and suggested they make them into shingles.

John Hardy with bamboo lumber

They even decorated their gigantic factory with a very small bamboo grove.

Bamboo grove at the factory

Living Bamboo Wine Fountain

We went to a bamboo grove which had graffiti. All different paintings.

In a Chinese bamboo grove Bamboo paintings Bamboo paintings

Even more crazy was when these guys showed up. They drilled holes in living bamboo and started serving bamboo wine!

Bamboo wine fountain in living bamboo

The wine had been in there for a year. You can see the drill they used to make the hole. We all sat around drinking wine in the forest.

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Bamboo wine fountain in living bamboo

The Crafts Museum of China

Located at  China Academy of Arts, 352 Xiangshan Road, Xihu district, Hangzhou.

Crafts Museum of China

Playing with bamboo doors in China. So beautiful #johnhardytravels

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Other pieces of China:

China views

A giant basket used to pick tea.

John Hardy and the tea basket

Bamboo load Bamboo chipper in China Traditional Chinese farmhouse

That’s a picture of a real house. In the background you see a Canadian suburban house. Everyone is tearing down their real houses and building these poor quality suburban houses. That’s what’s happening to China. In the middle of a Chinese bamboo forest. Completely insane.

Suburban house in ChinaBamboo splits Bamboo broom Chinese design detail Chinese design detail Chinese design detail Chinese design detail Chinese design detail Chinese design detail

Solar communism.

Solar communism

Solidarity toilets.

Solidarity toilets


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