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Design, Do - May 15, 2020

The Bamboo U podcast brings you conversations about design, creative thinking, architecture, and bamboo. Bamboo U is an educational experience that teaches people, how to design and build with bamboo. We run workshops that show our participants how to create innovative structures out of bamboo, and how to incorporate bamboo into their own projects. This show is a series of interviews with bamboo experts and pioneers who are exploring innovative ways to inspire the world to work with bamboo as a sustainable timber.

The episode with John Hardy:

John Hardy saw the beauty in Bamboo, and realized it was one of the few materials we can promise future generations. This led him to build the Green School in Bali entirely out of bamboo, with his wife Cynthia. His innovative ideas were instrumental in sparking a bamboo design and construction movement in Bali. Tune in to learn about how he gathered a team of designers, educators, and builders to create an iconic campus made entirely out of bamboo.

for the future.

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