Where has all the rubbish gone? The backstage of Ubud

Read - August 28, 2015

A look at Ubud’s garbage problem by anthropologist Graeme MacRae on Ubud Now and Then. From logistics to economics- a pretty scary read.

This dump was, until 2010, a beautiful, forested ravine, between a village and ricefields, into which dozens of trucks daily, from Ubud and several other villages have been dumping mixed rubbish for the past four years. The ravine is about 30m deep and 10 m wide and is now filled for about 600 metres. In another year or two the entire ravine will be filled. Toxic leachate is almost certainly seeping downstream and into the groundwater. Methane is almost certainly being generated within the fermenting mass. If we are lucky it will (sooner or later) leak into the atmosphere and ultimately reach the greenhouse layer. If we are less lucky it might simply explode. This is the flipside of Ubud’s clean, green streets.

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