John and Cynthia’s 2023 Read/Watch/Know List

Read, Watch - May 31, 2023

The articles, books, podcasts and links that have caught the imagination of John and Cythnia this year:


1// Sungai Watch’s 2022 Report: “Our brand audit analysis of over 235,000 pieces of plastic that we collected in Indonesia’s rivers by material and brand. Our in-depth examination is designed to increase awareness of plastic pollution and encourage constructive dialogue with governments and companies.” Read on »


2// Pioneering Environmentalist: Egyptian Wonder Dr. Mounir Neamatalla is the visionary behind Adrere Amellal, the desert retreat he built in the midst of Egypt’s Siwa oasis in the Western Desert. He tells the story behind his one-of-a-kind resort Listen now »


3// Tourism in Bali needs to change. Astungkara Way creates alternatives to mass tourism that benefit local economies, culture and ecosystems.: The Astungkara Trails are an invitation to slow down, to take notice, to connect with nature and local Balinese communities that live in simple, sustainable ways. Expect to walk about two to six hours daily, to have sore feet and a contented heart and mind, and experience how you can actually leave a positive impact behind you during your stay in Bali. Prepare to see Bali, and maybe even life, in a new light. Come walk with us>>


4// The Case for Radically Human Buildings with Thomas Heatherwick: Where did all the lumps and bumps on buildings go? When did city architecture become so dull? Watch now >>



5// How a purpose mindset helps navigate life. This reminds me of Green School: What if, instead of “get a good grade,“ the goal was helping young people figure out who they are, what they’re good at, and what they care about? Forbes »

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