Green SuperCamp: The most powerful learning experience available

GreenCamp, Our Green World - June 18, 2015

When my kids came home from SuperCamp, I was totally astounded at the things they had learned and the growth that had happened in a short residential camp. In my view, it’s the most powerful learning experience available.

My daughter, Chiara, came home and said, “If you’re early you’re on time, if you are on time, you’re late, and if you’re late, you’re left behind again.” Can you imagine learning that at 11 years old? Being early takes all the stress out of all your movements. If you screw up you’re still on time, if you have a few minutes to wait, you do something else. Many people never learn that. And that was just one tiny thing of a plethora of information and experiences they had.

The 7 day non-stop activities, is the place where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exhilarating outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises.


Junior SuperCamp » June 29 to July 5
Senior SuperCamp » July 8 to Jul 14

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