Donal Boyd, Visual Advocate for the Conservation of Wildlife & Nature

Meet - November 20, 2018

In the fog of the transit palace in Doha, a young man appeared. Donal Boyd is a remarkable young man who is photographing endangered species. His dream is to shoot an African elephant underwater, many Asian elephants have been photographed swimming but to shoot an African elephant you have to brave the crocodiles.


Donal’s imagery and captions probe his audience to think deeper about the world and to consider the connections we all share. He’s deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and much of his work focuses on promoting projects involved with protecting fragile ecosystems around the world. Donal was born and raised in Boston, MA, USA, but is now permanently based in Southern Iceland since 2015. He currently splits his time between roaming the sub-arctic landscape of Iceland in his Land Rover Defender and exploring other nearby arctic regions and traveling throughout Sub-Saharan Africa contributing to conservation initiatives across the region.

Read more on his website.

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